Clifford M. C. Wolf
Pappenheimg. 49/31, A-1200 Wien
+43-699-10063494 (mobile)

Career Objective

Working on challenging projects that allow me to expand my skill set, at fair compensation and with enough free time to pursue my Open Source projects and academic/scientific work.


I have extensive experience with the following languages and technologies:

I'm also interested in, and have some experience with mathematical modelling, DSP alorithms, and machine learning. I'm excited whenever I find an excuse to spend time mastering a new mathematical method.

Professional Experience



I have authored or co-authored the following scientific papers and book chapters:

I also wrote a (german) electronics textbook for the course I taught at

Open Source Projects

Over the last two decades I have contributed to many Free and Open Source (FOSS) projects, including the Linux Kernel and other parts of the GNU/Linux system. I have also authored a few FOSS projects, such as:

Other FOSS projects that I have authored include PicoRV32, SimpleVOut, Lib(X)SVF, EmbedVM, STFL, SPL, Csync2, and Trapdoor2.

Hobbies and other Interests

I've been the public relations officer for the Vienna branch of Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in 2003-2005.

Moderator and producer of "Nerds on Air" (a radio show on Radio Orange, a community radio station in Vienna) in 2004-2007.

Program chair for Linuxwochen Wien, a local FOSS/Linux conference, in 2004-2007.

I'm a founding member of, a hackerspace in Vienna.

Member of Linux User Group Austria (, Mensa Austria (, and Attac Austria (

I'm a ham radio operator. My callsign is OE1CXW.

I play Go/Weiqi/Baduk online.