Download / Install

Note: At the moment Yosys is mostly tested on Linux. Expect some difficulties when building on other platforms.

Download the Yosys 0.6 release source code from GitHub:

Installing on Ubuntu

Ruben Undheim maintains a PPA with Yosys Ubuntu packages. Use the following commands to install pre-compiled Yosys binaries on Ubuntu:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:saltmakrell/ppa
sudo apt-get update                                                                                                                                                                                              
sudo apt-get install yosys
His PPA only provides updated packages for the latest Ubuntu desktop LTS version - trusty (14.04 LTS). As of vivid (15.04), yosys will be available in the standard package repository for Ubuntu.

Installing on RHEL/Fedora

Yosys 0.5 RPM packages for RHEL6/7 and Fedora20 can be found here:

Yosys on MS Windows

There are two versions of Yosys for Win32. First there is the "official binary release" of Yosys for Win32 which is cross-compiled using MXE: And then there is a source code export for VisualStudio for users who want to do Yosys C++ development on Windows:

Building Development Sources

Clone source code from GIT repository:
git clone
Configure build and/or change build settings in Makefile:
make config-clang
vi Makefile
vi Makefile.conf
Build, test and install:
make test
sudo make install
See the README file for detailed build instructions.